Process Safety Engineering Training Courses

Our Process Safety Engineering courses are designed to teach the skills and knowledge needed to prevent, mitigate and control unwanted chemical reactions, explosions, fires, and other hazardous incidents during process manufacturing operations. Courses focus on common hazards in the agrochemical, chemical, food processing, metals, oil/gas, pharmaceuticals, plastics, rubber and related industries. To Register for These Courses Click Here: Chilworth Process Safety Academy

Flash Fire and Explosion Hazards During Handling of Flammable Liquids and Gases (1 Day) – CEUs 0.6

Combustible Dust Hazards: Prevention & Protection (1 Day) – CEUs 0.6

Electrostatic Hazards: Assessment & Control of Ignition Risks (1 Day) – CEUs 0.6

Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Selection for Hazardous Areas (1 Day) – CEUs 0.6

Chemical Hazard Assessment and the Prevention of Runaway Reactions (1 Day) – CEUs 0.6

Combustible Dust Workshop – From Basics to Advanced (1 Day) – CEUs 0.6

Flammability Hazards of Chemicals – From Basics to Advanced (1 Day) – CEUs 0.6

Emergency Pressure Relief and Vent Sizing for Runaway Reactions (1 Day) – CEUs 0.6

Best Practices for MOC and PSSR (1 Day) – CEUs 0.6

NFPA 652 – Standard on Fundamentals of Combustible Dusts, 2015 Edition