Expert Witness

Chilworth provides science-based approaches and solutions to aid in complex fire and explosion investigations.

Chilworth is a leader in providing science-based approaches and solutions to aid in complex fire and explosion investigations. Our highly skilled and respected staff of scientists and engineers will provide their experience, scientific knowledge and laboratory testing to bring your investigation to a proven conclusion. We are prepared to respond to an incident scene and work with your team to provide a complete and thorough scientific analysis upon which informed decisions can be made.

Our litigious environment demands that every “good faith” investigation utilize scientifically acceptable practices that will withstand the highest scrutiny. Chilworth not only provides the scientific knowledge, but also the laboratory services to quantify conclusions based on science.

Our experts can provide independent professional consultation on a wide range of Fire and Explosion hazards including:

  • Fires involving solids, liquids, and/or gas
  • Explosions involving dust, vapor and/or gas
  • Spontaneous combustion & thermal instability
  • Chemical reaction hazards
  • Electrostatic discharges
  • Flammability of materials
  • Transport and storage of dangerous goods
  • Incident investigation and root cause analysis
  • Electrical area classification and ignition source identification
  • Hazard properties of Materials

Chilworth also provides process safety services to industry to help prevent fires and explosions in the workplace. These industries include chemical, pharmaceutical, oil/petrochemical manufacturing and distribution, food, metallurgical, power processing, paint, agricultural, petroleum distribution vessels and pipelines, and gas distribution.

Our focus is not just on what caused a fire or explosion but also on proving what did not cause an incident. Our laboratory is equipped to test chemical reactions, flammability, dust explosions, electrostatic hazards and gas/vapor explosions. The areas of testing that we are capable of conducting in our laboratories include the following:

  • Dust Explosion
  • Thermal Stability
  • Electrostatic
  • Chemical Reaction Hazards
  • Transportation
  • Flammability
  • Explosivity

*For a complete list of test details and methods, please refer to our “Laboratory Testing” section.

Successful investigations utilize science and technology to validate information and evidence collected from an incident scene. Another step in the process is the formation of opinions. Any hypothesis or opinion must be based on sound scientific data and evaluated for validity. Our seasoned staff is prepared to assist you in extracting valuable information from an incident scene and/or provide consultation services at any point in the investigative process. Our conclusions are based on our knowledge of chemistry, physics, combustion science and our experience in industrial processes and incident investigations.

We have been engaged by thousands of clients from around the world that have relied on our advice and guidance for over 17 years. Our highly trained and respected staff is prepared to provide the following services:

  • Immediate response to fire and explosion scenes
  • Scientific quantification of opinions
  • Generate and interpret test data
  • Provide second opinions
  • Conduct extensive literature and laboratory testing research
  • Provide expert advice and testimony