Process Safety Consulting

We offer consulting for your safety needs.

Independent Professional Advice
Chilworth offers a single source for all your process safety needs. Our consultant engineers welcome projects which range from very simple test work right through to taking full responsibility for the technical development and safety of every stage of your manufacturing process.

During a hazard assessment our consultant engineers provide:

  • plant audit and detailed discussion with plant personnel on process operations and the existing basis of safety,
  • on-site electrostatic measurements (electrical field, electrical continuity measurements, etc.), where applicable,
  • a full and comprehensive report containing on-site observations, measurement results and their interpretation and suggestions to reduce/eliminate potential ignition sources.

Our independent consulting services include:

  • chemical reaction hazards
  • safe chemical process development and optimization
  • dust fires and explosion hazards
  • gas & vapor flammability hazards
  • electrostatic hazards
  • transport and storage of dangerous goods
  • regulatory requirements for new or dangerous chemicals