Laboratory Testing

Chilworth premier chemical process hazards laboratory.

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We operate one of the Chilworth Group’s world premier chemical process hazards laboratories. Our state-of-the-art laboratory was originally conceived to support our process safety engineering services, but has evolved into a commercial laboratory that is also used by clients who may not avail themselves of our engineering services. In some cases, our clients previously operated their own in-house chemical process hazards laboratories, but have found it more cost effective to outsource this testing to Chilworth.

Process safety testing is used to develop the data on which fire and explosion hazard assessments and incident investigations should be based. Testing focuses on assessing the flammability, combustibility, and thermal properties of materials, and specifically determining the temperature, pressure, and other conditions under which a fire or explosion will occur. Testing is performed in accordance with relevant U.S. and international standards, and Chilworth is represented on many of the standards committees. Our testing capabilities are described in the sections listed above.

The DEKRA Insight Difference

Our clients are constantly pushing the boundaries of science – developing new products, equipment, and technologies, and conceptualizing processes using new materials and extreme conditions. Since we are a partner with our clients in these activities, Chilworth is not satisfied simply with being proficient in standardized tests. Rather, we understand the tests and the underlying science, and have experience modifying standard tests and developing new tests to generate the data and information that our clients and we need to assess the safety and performance of new products, materials, technologies, and processes.