JCI Chilworth announces the new JCI 180 Lightning Warning System

“The JCI 180 Lightning Warning System is an advanced, portable and cost effective solution using latest detection algorithms to forewarn of lightning build-up, even before strikes are seen or thunder heard. It detects storms remotely providing the warning needed to better safeguard people and installations, especially pertinent where volatile substances are stored, there are explosive atmospheres or high level plant is at risk of damage. It is the exciting result of 2 years advanced design and development work by JCI Chilworth in the UK, and can be used as a portable unit or as a static installation and monitored remotely via Internet.

Its direct applicability to chemical processing is the advanced and earlier detection of lightning strikes that may affect the safety of certain processes, eg. volatile substances, explosive atmospheres, damage to higher level plant and etc. It is based on the JCI 140 technology featured in James May’s ManLab recently where it was the few pieces of kit used that reliably told him of the build-up of a lightning storm. Unfortunately his rocket didn’t seem to go high enough to induce a lightning strike!”


To read our new Press Release on the JCI 180 Lightning Warning System: : http://www.chilworth.co.uk/media/159511/jci_180_press_release__budapest_.pdf

To find out more about the NEW JCI 180 Lightning Warning System: www.jci.co.uk/180


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