ISHN interviews Colin Duncan, CEO of DEKRA Insight

ISHN conducted an exclusive interview with Colin Duncan, CEO of DEKRA Insight, the consulting arm of DEKRA S.E., representing BST and Chilworth. Colin Duncan presented a talk at ASSE Safety 2014 ( ) on “Making Safety Part of Your Corporate Strategy.”

Colin Duncan: “Safety has to be an integral part of the business or there will sooner or later be negative incidents.

It is absolutely essential to have a long-term view; to understand where safety performance is today, and understand that the safety processes are continually evolving and improving.  It is learning what’s working, and embedding what is working in a disciplined way. Oftentimes that collective know-how is lost in organizations over time. So you need a structure to support what has been learned, what is working, and the long-term view.”

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