Chilworth a DEKRA Company launches extensive Process Safety Academy to go deep into organization as a trusted adviser, a safe guardian and a thought leader

Excellence in Process Safety performance requires:

The right people, with the right skills, implementing appropriately designed Process Safety Programs, motivated by the right organizational culture, in the right way

We have identified competence as a key element of our Process Safety Excellence.


Discover Process Safety Excellence – Our Philosophy


Chilworth Delivers Proficiency – Beyond Training
Proficiency embedded in your organization will improve Process Safety performance:

        Protecting your workforce, plant and the environment

        Ensuring security of supply

        Maintaining stakeholder confidence

        Complying with all local legislation and avoiding regulator intervention

The Chilworth Process Safety Academy
The Chilworth Process Safety Academy can help you embed Process Safety Excellence in your organization at all levels through our open and in-company programs, tailored to your specific needs and designed to embed the learning, and raise internal proficiency, in your staff.

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The Chilworth Academy covers all Process Safety Areas:  


4 Core Diagram

Why do you choose this Competence program in our PROCESS SAFETY ACADEMY:

·         Highly tailored competence programs (tailored to your processes, sector, process safety programs in place relevant, unit processes, case studies, …).

·         Global delivery, multilingual capability, all based on a core, agreed syllabus to ensure absolute consistency across your business

·         Confidential

·         Cost effective for larger number of delegates

·         A gateway to process safety support ‘on demand’ from the experts in process safety.

·         Available at a range of depths and levels, suitable from operator training, specialist/ technical to board/ senior management awareness.

…. supported and enhanced by a number of options to suit your needs, all designed to embed classroom learning in the real-world environment of your site, and with the staff:

·         Coaching and mentoring

·         On-site training (1:1, 1:team)

·         Project team engagement

·         Follow-up training

·         Competence assessment

·         E-learning and webinar support

·         Designated specialist telephone support

Our Competence development program in our Process Safety Academy is designed to improve the Process Safety Performance of your organization, sustainably and reliably.
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