Assessing Powder Thermal Stability & Decomposition

Chilworth provides temperature-ramped screening and isothermal test equipment.

The self-heating of powders is one of the more common causes of fires and explosions in powder processing operations, with incidents occurring in dryers and other overheated process plant.

Apparatus for Powder Drying & Processing Applications:
A range of temperature-ramped screening and isothermal test equipment is available to simulate plant conditions closely so that safe processing temperatures can be accurately determined.

Air Over Layer Apparatus
To simulate conditions where powder layers form (e.g., on the walls of dryers).

Diffusion Cell Apparatus
To study powder decomposition under bulk powder conditions (e.g., in fluid bed dryers.

Aerated Cell Apparatus
To study how thermal stability is affected by airflow through bulk powder (e.g., in fluid bed dryers).

Basket Test Kit
For the accurate study of the effect of scale on powder thermal stability.

Apparatus for Regulatory & Other Applications:
Transport, packaging, labeling and new substance notification require various flammability and stability data of materials to be determined. These needs are met by a separate range of instruments.

5mm Layer Apparatus
For the specification of electrical equipment in hazardous areas.

Flammability of Solids (Burning Rate) Apparatus
To study powder combustion properties for safety assessments and regulatory purposes.

Oxidizing Solids Apparatus
To study oxidizing properties of materials and to establish transport classification.

Regulatory Self-Heating (basket) Test Apparatus
For packaging group classification, notification and other regulatory requirements