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Process Safety Laboratory Instruments

DEKRA has supplied process safety equipment and instruments to industry and academic institutions since 1986. The instruments we supply, which measure electrostatic, explosion and thermal stability properties, have a proven track record in industry, and their performance and reliability is validated by their use in our own laboratories.

JCI Electrostatic Measurement and Consulting

DEKRA also designs, develops and manufactures high quality instruments for electrostatic measurements under the JCI brand. Our highly acclaimed electrostatic charge decay analyzer, the JCI 155v6, has recently been updated and we believe currently outperforms all others on the market today. JCI also offers consultancy and testing services and formal calibration of electrostatic measuring instruments to BS 7506: Part 2: 1996.

Ask the Experts

Finding the right instrument to provide relevant and appropriate test data for your process safety and electrostatic needs is not always straightforward. DEKRA provides free consultation to prospective buyers to ensure you purchase a cost effective solution for your equipment needs.


We also recognize that companies developing their own process safety laboratory or electrostatics facilities may benefit from our knowledge and assistance. We therefore provide training in instrument use to match customized client requirements. This training can either be provided in our fully equipped process safety test laboratories or at the client’s site.

Test Standards

All instrumentation is manufactured to comply with relevant national and international standards including BS, IEC, ASTM, VDI, DIN, UN and European Commission Packaging and Labeling standards, to name a few. In fact our consultant engineers frequently contribute to various standards committees, with an understanding of industry’s needs gained from their consulting work.

Custom Manufacture

DEKRA also specializes in the custom manufacture of non-standard equipment and instruments to either meet a client’s specific in-house test requirements or to meet other test standards not covered by our normal instrument range.

Reliable and Dependable

We offer a comprehensive global instrument supply service, supported by detailed documentation, efficient after-sales support and comprehensive equipment warranties to guarantee peace-of-mind in your purchase.