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DEKRA Acquires John Chubb instrumentation (JCI)

DEKRA is pleased to announce the acquisition of JCI – a manufacturer of specialist instrumentation in the field of electrostatics. JCI have an enviable reputation around the world for the quality and specification of their electrostatic measurement equipment.

The JCI business fits alongside DEKRA’s existing range of specialist process safety test instrumentation and its range of consultancy and testing services. It is expected that DEKRA’s direct presence, and experience in marketing, around the world will lead to rapid growth as a result of this exciting new acquisition.

Planning and equipping a process safety laboratory is a complex task. A series of decisions need to be made, including, which tests to undertake, what instruments are required, and how to achieve compliance with international standards. The size of the investment makes it imperative that the right choices are made.

DEKRA’s own safety laboratories were established in 1986 to provide contract testing services to the chemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Since the beginning, our laboratories have been equipped with instruments developed and produced by our own expert engineers. We have now grown to become one of the leading, and most respected, process safety organizations in the world.

We recognize that people establishing their own safety laboratory may benefit from our knowledge and assistance. Therefore, we have brought together our experience and expertise to produce a range of instruments which are practical, cost-effective and well proven in our own testing and research laboratories. All our instruments can be used to carry out tests which comply with relevant national and international standards.

In fact, our consultant engineers frequently contribute to various standards committees, with an understanding of industry’s needs gained from their consultancy activities.

We now present a comprehensive range of standard and custom-built laboratory instruments for use by the chemical and processing industries for assessing process hazards.

DEKRA Instrument Range

  • Assessing Exothermic Reaction Hazards
  • Characterizing Dust Explosions
  • Assessing Powder Thermal Stability & Decomposition
  • Measuring Vapor Flammability
  • Determining Explosivity
  • Evaluating Electrostatic Properties

A Comprehensive Package

Full warranties are supplied with all equipment

Training & Telephone Support On-site instruction is available for all items, to ensure your staff are fully training in the use of equipment. More formal training courses covering the broader aspects of process safety can also be arranged.

Calibration & Maintenance Contracts
Repairs, maintenance, calibration and certification for various quality programs (e.g., Good Laboratory Practice) can be carried out by DEKRA where relevant.

Test Standards
Our equipment is designed to comply with national (e.g., BS, ASTM) or international (e.g., ISO, CEN, CENELEC) standards, as applicable.

Discuss It With a Process Safety Expert
If you would like to know more about our instruments and the use of test data, or discuss whether in-house or contract testing is the better option for you, then please feel free to contact us. Our process safety consultants can offer you their objective advice regarding which option will be suit your needs.

Custom-Built Equipment
If you do not see the equipment you need in the standard range, please contact us. Our expert and innovative engineering staff will be able to help you realize your requirements. The manufacture of custom designed equipment is one of our specialties.